Blue Devil

Dan Cassidy - Head Shot
Real Name: Daniel Patrick Cassidy
Birthday: August 5th
Powers (in costume): strength of roughly 20 humans or more; heightened agility; limited vulnerability; infrared vision
Current Powers (as demon): roughly the same, though I do not know that much has been said of this
Special Skills: aside from having martial arts training, Dan was also an amateur boxer during which time he went undefeated in his last 20 fights
Profession: Special Effects Man/Stuntman
Marital Status: Single
Relatives: Mary Frances "Frank" Cassidy (sister)
Margaret Maeve (grandmother)
Seamus Cassidy (great-uncle)
Resume: "The Battle of the Las Vegas Showgirls" (TV Special for GBS)
"Galaxy 3000"
"Blue Devil"
"Space Ninja"
"Blue Devil 2" (canned)
"Snow White and the Seven Deadly Sins"
First Appearance: FURY OF FIRESTORM No.24
Death: STARMAN No.38
Ressurection: DAY OF JUDGMENT No.4


Truly a genius in his field, Dan, having been hired to handle special effects on the Marla Bloom Associates production of Blue Devil: The Movie, created an outfit which would outshine everything he had constructed prior to it. Dan created the Blue Devil suit to handle the rigorous stunts required for the shoot and to do so proficiently and cheaply. Reinforced with Kevlar to take abuse and powered by miniature servo motors to dish it out, the devil outfit also came equipped with what Cassidy described as "glorified fireworks" which were nevertheless extremely powerful explosives and so forth (check out the accessories section for more details). Dan, also hired to perform stunts for the film, was to play the title character from inside.

The Blue Devil suit performed perfectly -- even better than Cassidy had expected! The footage shot on Ile Du Diable looked fantastic. Things were going great, until...

A couple of dopey crew members by the names of Sharon Scott and Wayne Tarrant released an immensely powerful monster by the name of Nebiros. Nebiros, looking for some fast food (Get it? Fast food!), chased the two back to the production site. Sharon, seeking out Danny, convinced the master stuntman to protect her and the crew from the Hell-spawned terror. Seeing the logic inherent in her request and the love behind her tear-filled eyes, Dan faced-off with Nebiros in a fight to end all fights.

Nebiros, who assumed the special effects master to be a fellow demon, took his fair share of abuse as he strove to understand the meaning behind his "little brother's" defiance. Dan was beating the tar out of ole' Nebby for a while but as he would find out the hard way, Nebiros was truly out of his league. The demon zapped the Devil with a blast intended to drain his occult energy. Dan went down for a 9 count at least and during that time was assumed dead. It inspired quite a bit of heroism from his comrades but that basically amounted to a drop in the bucket. Nebiros was nigh invincible as far as the production crew was concerned.

But Danny returned to the land of the living -- or conscious, anyway -- and seeing the monster carrying away his beautiful co-star, Sharon, went ballistic. Through sheer force of will, he eventually drove Nebiros back into the dimesional portal from which he escaped and Dan was pulled free just before his friends resealed it. But all too late, unfortunately.

Blue Devil yell

Danny felt groggy and disoriented. His body tingled. Not only that, but his suit was sweating. Gross, huh? Who would create a suit that sweats? Well, Cassidy didn't. Getting back to his trailer, Dan attempted to remove his costume only to discover he could no more do so than rip off his own skin (there's a pleasant thought). The Blue Devil outfit had become grafted onto his body somehow when Nebiros blasted Danny during the battle and almost killed him. Needless to say, Dan Cassidy freaked, as illustrated quite beautifully by Paris Cullins and Gary Martin.

Getting back to the states after production at Ile Du Diable wrapped, Marla took Danny to see a specialist named Doctor Duprey who confirmed their suspicions. The devil suit was no longer a suit. The latex of the costume had become organic and bonded to the stuntman's skin. And being organic, of course, it grew blood vessels, nerves, and all sorts of other disgusting dermal components. Needless to say, Dan was not happy to hear that and took off for his hometown of Metropolis -- where he had just sunk his entire savings into a nice brownstone -- for a little R&R. Fate, however, would not allow either of the two.

Truly upset by what he had become, Danny wanted nothing more than to wallow in self-pity for the rest of his days. He certainly never had any intention of becoming a hero, of all things. But like so many others before him, Cassidy discovered that when you are granted a deal of power, as he was, it becomes almost impossible not to use it for one reason or another. I like the way Gopher put it in Blue Devil #2.

"When you look like a super-hero, you get treated like one...and then you start acting like one!"

Almost as soon as he arrived in Metropolis, a super-villian known as Shockwave came 'a knock, knock, knocking at Dan's door. And when Shockwave knocked, the entire building collapsed. Of course at that point, no one had ever heard of the Blue Devil aside from nerdy film people like myself who always know what movies are coming out for the next 3 years. Shockwave had no idea he was tearing down the domicile of a hero of BD's calibre, though I doubt that would have disuaded him from doing so even if he had.

He pulled the building down to create a means by which he could escape the authorities after having stolen a batch of super-kryptonite from S.T.A.R. Labs. Dan, seriously peeved at the destruction of his brownstone and the cockiness displayed by Shockwave, and having been told that the criminal had stolen something that might be used to hurt Supes, took on the fight and beat Shockwave nine ways till Sunday. Still, the villain escaped, but not before the Blue Devil could recover the stolen canister and save the day. It was then he began to realize that heroism came naturally to him. And while never truly accepting the nomenclature of the "super-hero," Dan began to accept his lot in life and to do so with vigor.

Leapin' Devils As payment for a job well done, I suppose, Dr. Klyburn, Director of S.T.A.R. Labs, agreed to aid Dan Cassidy in his quest to remove himself from the Blue Devil outfit. After running scads of examinations on him, however, it was decided he should not hold onto any great hope of ever being free of the costume. His organic structure had bonded on the submolecular level with the mechanisms of the suit. And they had done so through magic! After all, what they don't know about magic, S.T.A.R. Labs could fit in a library. Poor Danny! And if coping with the bad news weren't bad enough, the mechanical menace known as Metallo barged in on them and tried to take over the world. That kind of stuff always happens!

As of the end of the series, neither S.T.A.R nor anyone else had discovered a way to get Dan Cassidy out of his Blue Devil suit, though try they might. At one point, Dan even tried to get Nebiros to reverse the spell on him but needless to say, that didn't work. Over the 31 issues of Blue Devil and even afterwards, Dan gradually grew more and more accustomed to his life as a super-hero, though at any point, he probably would have traded it all in for the chance to be himself again.

Well, that is a very brief history of the Blue Devil in this series. If you'd like to know anything else which I have not covered here, send me an [e-mail]. I'd be perfectly happy to add to the bio.


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