Real Name: Larry Bolatinsky
Profession: Assassin
Powers: can project electrical current through the air at a target; teleportation; hightened agility and strength
First Appearance: [BLUE DEVIL No. 6]


According to [the Trickster], Bolt is "the Muhammed Ali of masked assassins." Once he hits you, you go down for the count. Of course, Bolt rarely resorts to hitting people in the conventional sense. Bolt's gimmick is the ability to electrocute his opponents through the act of shooting currents of energy at them—like a lightning bolt, you know? This is not an inherent skill. He has power generators within his costume--which also enhance his strength and agility--to accomplish the task. Those power generators can also be used to teleport himself within a certain, unspecified range of distance. Don't ask me how. Of course, since Bolt's power is not inherent, he must periodically charge up which thus limits the time during which he can effectively fight someone.

Bolt's initial appearance in the comic book was as a hired assassin getting paid by a cadre of megalomaniacal doctors to whack James Jesse, a.k.a. the Trickster. They wanted Tricky's shoes so that they might put into effect a plan to separate part of California from the rest of the state. I'm not even going to attempt to go into that right now. Read the [Professor Neemish] section if you want to know about it.

It was through Bolt's consistent pursuing that James Jesse came to call on his old pal [Dan Cassidy] for a little body guard work. The two teamed up at this point, but were ultimately unable to bring the assassin to justice. His work completed, and in a particularly sour mood over his duping by Professor Neemish, Bolt escaped from his first encounter with Blue Devil by teleporting to location unknown.

Bolt would eventually show up again during the Blue Devil's drive cross-country with [Wayne Tarrant]. The encounter was entirely coincidental. Bolt was blackmailing a group of East Coast-based villains so that he could participate in a caper to make off with a twenty-five million dollar Cray supercomputer from a Pittsburg trade show. Dan was at the time driving through town in order to pay a visit to his old pal Larry Bolatinsky at Carnegie-Mellon, but quickly found himself embroiled in Firestorm's battle against the five villains. Through Mindboggler's manipulation of Firestorm's vision, and with the help of Bolt's remote control to the mechanics of the Blue Devil costume, the two heroes were tricked into brawling with each other. Wayne dashed off in the [Devilmobile] to get Bolatinsky's aid in retaking control of the Blue Devil costume, only to discover a Dexter-style laboratory at his house and blueprints for the Bolt technology.

Wayne relayed the information to Blue Devil. Through accident, Bolt dropped his remote control allowing Blue Devil to reclaim the workings of the costume and take the fight to the electric assassin, who used up the remainder of his stored energy for a personal teleport back to his lab. Firestorm and Wayne were waiting for him, and the nuclear man put the kibosh on any further criminal plans. Bolt was taken into custody and delivered to the police.

This was the last to be heard from Bolt over the course of the Blue Devil series. [End of 1998 write-up.]

There's a gap here in my knowledge about the character, though I do know that he turned up like a bad penny very sporadically during the 1990s. Though—as second-rate villains are wont to do—he found himself in the hoosegow at the time that Sergeant Rock (or somebody pretending to be Sgt. Rock) took operational command of Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad. Per standard bargain, in exchange for leniency at his next parole hearing, Bolatinsky briefly became part of a team comprised of convicts tasked with suppressing a dangerously intelligent and aggressive breed of genetically modified soldier ants—an out-of-control project of LexCorp's bio-weapons division.

Kitchen Fresh Bolt

This mission didn't work out too well for the Boltmeister. An explosion, funnelled through an elevator shaft, caught him straight-up in the face, and Bolt was deep fried. I mean, facial reconstructive surgery just isn't going to do it here. least he wasn't denuded of his flesh by man-eating army ants. I'm a silver-lining kind of guy.

Contrary to all logic and continuity, however, this wasn't quite the end for Bolatinsky, though I'm sure it was no thanks to Killer Frost, cold-hearted chick that she is. (SUICIDE SQUAD (vol. 2) No. 3)

How did he survive? You'll have to ask the editors over at DC about that. Probably, when Brad Meltzer wrote him into an issue of IDENTITY CRISIS, the conversation in DC editorial went something like this:

Assistant Editor Valerie D'Orazio: Hmmm...wasn't this Bolt guy toasted and looking all corpsified back in Keith Giffen's SUICIDE SQUAD?

Editor Mike Carlin: Huh? You mean John Ostrander's SUICIDE SQUAD?

D'Orazio: Keith Giffen did a SUICIDE SQUAD volume just a few years ago.

Carlin: Get out! Well, what if he did? I didn't read it. Did you?

D'Orazio: Actually, no. Didn't Sergeant Rock come back to life in that or something, and then it turned out it wasn't really him. Did anybody ever follow that up?

Carlin: ...

D'Orazio: Never mind—dumb question.

Carlin: Exactly. The only schmuck likely to know or care anyway is that weirdo who runs that Blue Devil website. Let's not mention any of this to Meltzer, okay? We don't want to make him mad at us. He's scary. He's sort of like Batman, if Batman were a bespectacled, balding novelist with a last name that sounds like a sandwich at Wendy's. No, seriously—when I asked him if he was going to tie up that plot thread about the Luthor battle armor, he literally made me piss myself. I'm not proud of it, but I did.

Something like that. DC editorial strikes again! Wait, what am I complaining about? Bolt's alive! That's awesome! And given the rather off-hand manner of his death in a little-read blood-fest of a series, it's a bit difficult to hold it against Meltzer for wanting to bring him back as a hard-luck jobber.


Blargh! Bad sushi!

Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Relax. He's okay.)

Shut-up. It's a Moe Howard haircut.

Anyway, Larry Bolatinsky turned up again as a down-on-his-luck super-thug looking to score a big deal on some Lex Luthor battle armor from a couple of run-of-the-mill skinheads. By this time, Larry had traded in his rootin', tootin' faux-dialect and the full supervillain garb for a fresh new Punisher-inspired look and attitude, kookishly complimented by Jim Carey's haircut from Dumb and Dumber. Yeah, thanks for that Rags Morales, if in fact that is your real name. It wasn't enough you drew Elongated Man as a cross between David Caruso and Ryan Stiles?1

Damn you, Rags Morales! Damn you to hell!

Whoah. I have no idea where that came from.

In a spectacularly bizarre move, Bolt welched on his payment to the skinheads who then gunned him down like a chump. One was kind enough to stay behind and call an ambulance. Apparently, he felt bad about it.

Bolt showed up in the background very shortly thereafter in an installment of VILLAINS UNITED, so I'm beginning to wonder if there's not something going on here. Healing factor? Twin brother? Sentient robot created to preserve the knowledge and memories of a dying civilization? I want answers, DC!



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1. "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Look it up.

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