The Fisherman

Fisherman - Head Shot
Real Name: Unknown
Profession: Criminal
Powers: No special powers; an extraordinary fisherman, obviously
Henchmen: Pollack
First Appearance: AQUAMAN No.21


As you probably guessed, the Fisherman is an Aquaman villain primarily, though that doesn't stop him from pestering the land lubbers every now and then. So does anybody want to take a guess at what this guy's gimmick is?

Get this! The Fisherman's skill is his ability to throw a fishing line with impeccable accuracy. Furthermore to that, he wears a bunch of fishing lures which serve specific purposes in the efforts of defeating those foolish enough to oppose his might. Somebody told me to think of him as an undersea Kraven and I think that's a fair assesment--though honestly, he's probably more like Hawkeye, but bad (if you really want to compare him to a Marvel character). Okay. He's kind of silly, but don't underestimate the guy or he'll send you to Davy Jones' locker. Arrrrggh! Here's what WHO'S WHO? has to say about him.

The International criminal known only as the Fisherman began his career by stealing rare objects and scientific inventions and selling them to the highest bidder. The theft of a growth formula capable of enlarging any living matter with which it came into contact ultimately brought the Fisherman into conflict with Aquaman, who defeated the sea thief and his entire gang.
An average athlete and hand-to-hand combatant, the Fisherman wears a specially pressurized suit with a recyclable air supply that enables him to survive for an extended period of time at the very bottom of the sea. His primary weapon is a reinforced titanium fishing rod with an incredibly strong polymer line with which he is able to cast with pinpoint precision either a razor-sharp hook or a specially weighted lead bob. He also wears a number of special fishing lures around his waist that have been gimmicked to release a cloud of noxious gas upon impact with the ground.

So what the heck is he doing in a Blue Devil comic? Well, you can only get so much "booty" from the fishes, I suppose.

In BLUE DEVIL No.17, the Fisherman decided to crash a party being held at the Malibu beach house of some Hollywood big-shot. Showing up upon his mechanized sea monster, he and his goons proceeded to terrorize the party goers a bit while loading up sack after sack of jewelry, money and other valuables. Unfortunately for the Fisherman, the Blue Devil happened to be floating around in the ocean for reasons we won't go into right now.

Anyway, a couple of henchmen capsized their raft, dumping a bag of loot into the deep blue. The Fisherman cast his line to retrieve it and yanked up an unconscious Blue Devil. I bet you never saw anything like that on Bass Masters! Regaining consciousness, BD quickly found himself under one of the Fisherman's nets, which he quickly ripped apart. Then, easily fending off the henchmen, Dan made his grab for the leader, who distracted him with a gas lure then clobbered him unconscious again with a bag of booty. The Fisherman then hopped aboard his sea monster, exercising the better part of valor.

Regaining consciousness yet another time, the Blue Devil knocked his adversary into the cockpit of the thing and soon met with a nice swatting from sea monster's tail. Grabbing the tail, Dan pulled with all his mechanical strength and beached it. In disbelief, the Fisherman cast a line in BD's direction, only to have it caught and to get tossed half way across the property into a pool where he landed harmlessly upon a bloated, water absorbing micro organism. Don't ask.

He presumably went to prison.

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