Before they were Furies
Real Names: Annie, Gina and a third whose real name was unrevealed
Professions: Annie - produces commercials or something of the sort
Gina - works in a men's clothing store
First Appearance (as furies): BLUE DEVIL No. 10


Do you enjoy rending livers and ripping hearts from a human body? Then you came to the right place. Here's a pretty kinky trio right up your alley. They love guys in togas and later turn into flying beasties just to get really wild. But what really makes these girls tick?

To be perfectly sure, the Furies I'm talking about are the Furies as they pertain to the Blue Devil Universe. Though the spirits themselves are thousands of years old, the bodies they inhabit were, needless to say, not. Here's the deal.

As we all know by now, Wayne Tarrant used to go by the name Theseus, Prince of Athens, during which time he had a hit single and many, many, adoring teenage fans. Well, you know that if that many girls are throwing themselves at you, eventually you give in. At least, Wayne did. One night after a concert, a trio of raving Theseus fans gave a knock at Wayne's dressing room door claiming that they would "do anything to meet him." The idea had a lecherous appeal to Mr. Tarrant who took certain advantage of the girls (you can figure it out for yourself) and sent them off the next day without any intention of ever seeing them again. You know you just can't sweep that stuff under the rug but he did it anyway because he was a stupid kid.

And as though he didn't have enough problems waiting in store for him, the name itself (i.e. Theseus) really vexed a certain Godess by the name of Athena who took a serious disliking to the teen idol and vowed that should he continue his charade, he would "suffer punishment such as no mortal has known in three thousand years!"

Fast forward about ten or so years later to present day. Wayne was really down in the dumps after making "Blue Devil," which hadn't actually been released yet, and resorted to making toilet paper commercials among other things unfit for a star of his calibre. Eventually he decided to pick up the guitar and the toga one more time for a gig as Theseus in some night club. The three girls from the dressing room sat in the audience and watched. They still held something of a grudge after the way they were treated but they almost felt sorry for him. Anyway, Athena got a glimpse of what was going on, saw the three girls who "lost their reason over" Wayne, saw Wayne in his Theseus garb, and decided to finally teach the actor/singer his lesson.

So she teleported a mystical vase to the stage upon which Wayne performed and tripping over it, during one of his trickier dance numbers, Wayne unwittingly released the spirits of remorseless, unrelenting, vengeful wrath (i.e. the spirit of the furies). Said spirits jumped into the bodies of the three girls and rushed the stage. Only this time, they weren't looking for autographs. Blue Devil bought Marla and Norm enough time to get Wayne safely away to his home.

However, his home was not safe enough. The Furies found him and started ransacking the place (smashing his gold record in the process!) while he hid in a closet. In the closet, Wayne phoned everybody's favorite bodyguard, Dan Cassidy. Dan hopped on his trident and did what he could when he arrived, but as was previously said, the Furies are unrelenting. Luckily, Wonder Woman caught the story on the news (praise mass media!) and arrived on the scene to deal with this Olympian caused terror. Retrieving the smashed vase and putting it back together with a bit of Amazing Glue, Diana had Dan reverse the rocket thrust on his trident which mystically entraped the furies long enough to project them into the container from whence they came. The girls returned to normal and forgave Wayne so that Athena would lighten up and leave the poor guy alone.

End of story.

And what have we learned from all this? Olympian Godesses are really grouchy.

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