Jack of Fire

Jack of Fire dossier image
Real Name: Jack Cassidy
Powers: strength slightly in excess of the Blue Devil's; fire conjuration; invulnerability to fire
Profession: Mercenary
Group Affiliation: Pentacle
Marital Status: Unknown
Hometown: Unknown
Relatives: [Daniel Cassidy] (brother)
Mary Frances "Frank" Cassidy (sister)
First Appearance: [SHADOWPACT No. 1]


Jack of Fire first showed his craggily face in SHADOWPACT No. 1, functioning as the right-hand man to a villainous sorceress known as Strega. Well...technically he didn't actually show his face, as half of it has covered with a black cloth, but...shut up! You get my point.

At the time, Jack of Fire and Strega had partied up with a group of supernatural characters—Bagman, Sister Shadow, White Rabbit, and Karnevil (the last of whom isn't ostensibly supernatural, I suppose, but is pretty freaky nonetheless)—and taken the name "The Pentacle" to represent their association. Strega's goal was to open a mystical doorway for her dark lord, using residents from the town of Riverrock, Wyoming as sacrificial fuel for her blood-soaked conjurings.

In this scheme, Jack of Fire appears to be little more than a hired mercenary working for Strega. He considered Strega's summoning, whatever the eventual enormity of it, to be, "Not our concern."

Jack's association with the Pentacle in this endeavor serendipitously brought him into conflict with [Daniel Cassidy], the Blue Devil, who at this time had banded together with other mystical heroes to form a new incarnation of the Shadowpact. During this encounter, Jack claimed to be Dan's older brother, an unintended side-effect of Dan's bargain with Neron (see [UNDERWORLD UNLEASHED]). According to Jack, Dan was so eager to benefit himself that, essentially, he neglected to read the fine print on the agreement, which cursed his entire family, including his younger sister Mary Frances, and even his deceased parents, who were "snatched out of paradise and are even now burning in the lowest pit of hell." ([SHADOWPACT No. 2])

Jack Cassidy's Faustian Bargain

Prior to this, there had never been mention of Dan having an older brother, though his sister was a semi-reoccuring character in the BLUE DEVIL series. Dan failed to remember having any siblings.

Regarding this initial conflict between mystical groups, owing to a slight change of White Rabbit's heart, Shadowpact managed to contain the villains, break Strega's necromantic spell, and free the town of Riverrock. Only Strega escaped, though she was later slain by the villain Doctor Gotham.

Jack of Fire, himself, found himself forcibly shuffled off the mortal coil by a blast from Blue Devil's Trident of Lucifer ([SHADOWPACT No. 5]). He subsequently effected an off-panel escape from the lower pits, and when next we hear his name invoked, Blue Devil is beating it out of a Private in Hell's Army by the name of Rath, aided in this hard-knocks escapade by his old sidekick [Eddie Bloomberg], otherwise known as Kid Devil ([TEEN TITANS No. 42]).

Somewhat later, Blue Devil found that he had become part of the landed gentry in Hell (see [SHADOWPACT No. 10]). Vexed by this condition, he nevertheless took advantage of his station to retrieve the souls of his parents to his Hell-situated estate. His parents confirmed the prior existence of an older brother named Jack, a known-hooligan even in his parents' estimation.

Concurrently, Blue Devil was in the midst of waging a legal battle against Hell for breach of contract: in a gamble to reclaim his soul, he claimed that his contract specified that he was to become a Hollywood star in exchange for his soul, an eventuality that never came to pass. His lawyer, however, was unable to persuade the panel of demonic judges when it became known that Jack had, himself, sold his soul and the souls of his family to Hell in a Faustian act prior to Blue Devil's. ([SHADOWPACT No. 16])

Jack of Fire is still at large.

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