Metallo - Head Shot
Real Name: Roger Corben
Powers: Extremely powerful (can stand on equal footing with Superman); can bathe incredibly large objects in Kryptonite radiation; robotic arms extend from body and respond to his thoughts
Base of operations: 123 Supervillain Lane
Metropolis, 00100
First Appearance: SUPERMAN (vol. 1) No. 310


I haven't got all the facts straight on this guy so maybe some of you big Metallo fans out there can help me out. This is the second of the pre-Crisis Metallos and has since been supplanted by a new John Corben Metallo introduced in SUPERMAN No. 1. Metallo is an android with a human brain, created by Lex Luthor, so to speak, to defeat the Man of Steel. And rather than having a blood-pumping, life-giving heart, he has a big hunk of kryptonite in the middle of this stomach which powers his metal frame. When powered up, Metallo is, according to Dr. Jenet Klyburn "one of the most dangerous men alive!" Having a practical invulnerability to Superman probably helps him maintain that status pretty well. And being able to match him blow for blow probably doesn't hurt it either. Frankly, I find it almost hard to believe that the Blue Devil could have taken this guy, but I'm willing to suspend my disbelief.

On more than one occasion, Metallo tried to steal a canister containing an ultra-concentrated form of super-kryptonite from those who had invented it at S.T.A.R. Labs. On the first occasion, he dispatched a bit of hired help named Shockwave who promptly got spanked by the Blue Devil and returned empty handed.

Fed up with incompetent help, the man with the Kryptonite heart decided to steal the canister for himself. It just so happened, however, that the Blue Devil was at S.T.A.R. Labs undergoing examinations to remove him from the suit. Metallo arrived, Smitty and Rojek blasted a crater the size of a dinner plate in BD's chest (but not before Dan freed the hostages and took out 20 or so henchmen) and the day was thought won for the bad guys. Inserting the super-kryptonite in his metal body, Metallo was prepared to settle his old grudge against the Man of Steel once and for all (as well as a grudge against Batman which he would see to sooner or later). And he might have done it, too, save for one thing.

The Blue Devil was not dead. The hole in his chest mystically sealed itself and Dan Cassidy returned with a vengeance. Even at that, however, if the fight had lasted a long time, Metallo would surely have beaten him. But Metallo, as all villians are wont to do, talked way too much. Catching on to the the source of his enemy's power, the Blue Devil ripped the chunk of super-kryptonite right out of Metallo's shiny chest and left the orange and green menace completely immobile in a lump on the floor. He felt a little bad about it later on, but I'm sure he enjoyed it at the time. Wouldn't you?

If some overzealous fanboy (or girl) with a "Who's Who?" wants to provide me with some more detailed information on this character's history, powers, etc., I would be much obliged.

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