Nebiros - Full Figure
Name: Nebiros
Place of Origin: Another plane of existence
Powers: Super strength (stronger than BD); can project mystical energy blasts from his eyes and other parts of his body
First Appearance: BLUE DEVIL No. 1


History of Nebiros, as told by the Demonography: Nebiros ruled an entire unearthly dimension all his own and ages ago--before the dawn of history, he was worshipped on Earth by a very warlike race! They sacrificed maidens to him and in return he led their armies to conquer many lands! Eventually Nebiros's emptire grew so vast that it threatened the other great powers of the time--Mu, Atlantis, Lemuria.... Their greatest mages banded together to defeat him! They vanquished the armies, destroyed the civilization, and banished the demon to his own dark dimension! On earth, all traces of Nebiros sank beneath the waves--except for Ile Du Diable, where Blue Devil would meet him six thousand years later.

Which brings us to the timeline of our comic...

So this is he. This is the guy pretty much responsible for creating the Blue Devil as we knew him. It's ironic, really, that this same individual was probably the living embodiment of greed and carnage. But then again, I wouldn't have him any other way. Just look at him. Ain't he cute?

While filming "Blue Devil: The Movie" on location at Ile Du Diable, otherwise known as the Devil's Ile (they should have known from the name what they were getting into), Sharon Scott and Wayne Tarrant unwittingly released Nebiros from his long exile in another dimension. Looking for a feast, the monster made his way to the production crew, of whom, only Dan Cassidy in his Blue Devil suit could really fight him. Thinking Dan a fellow demon, Nebiros zapped him with a blast meant to drain the Devil's occult energy, of which Dan, of course, had none. Anyway, you know the story by now. The blast somehow sealed Dan in the suit by integrating it organically with his actual body. Pretty awful, huh?

Dan, fighting valiantly as the Blue Devil, rode--yes rode--Nebiros back to the portal from whence he came and narrowly excaped before the door was sealed and the key smashed.

Of course, you knew that wouldn't be all for Nebiros.

A short time later, Dan and Zatanna, of the Justice League of America, reopened the passageway to Nebiros' dimension, the rationale there being that if Dan asked really nice, he could get the demon to reverse the spell, freeing Cassidy from the Blue Devil suit. According to Zatanna, demons are always cordial in their own dimension. Of course, things did not go as easily as all that and Nebiros escaped once again (who could have guessed?). This time, however, he had Dan's trident which he had infused with a kind of enchantment so that he might control mystic energies formerly beyond his grasp. This gave Nebiros the luxury of channelling magics from his own hellish plane of existence into this one. So looking for a few good men -- to eat (I crack myself up!)--Nebiros leaped to Mexico where he hoped to find his secondary temple and people who would worship him.

Dan and Zatanna traced his position with the help of Justice League computers and before you could say, "lickity split," the two were on their way to the quaint Mexican town of Santo Guadalupe, which was no longer very quaint. The big, bad Mexican army showed up to teach the demon a lesson but wound up getting their butts handed to them on a platter. It was up to Dan, Zatanna and Norm?

Nebiros unleashed a demon horde in order to fend off all who would oppose him but in so doing, essentially sealed his own doom. Cassidy, tricking the very upset Nebiros into hurling the trident, regained control of it through sheer force of will. Zatanna created a vortex to Nebiros' dimension and Dan used a mystical blast from his trident to force the creature in. The threat was eliminated, Norm got some great shots for the movie, and Zatanna gave Dan a great big kiss. Happy ending, right?

And that was the end of Nebiros! Or was it?

More to come...


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