Dr. Neemish

Professor Neemish and Miss Mallory
Profession: Professor of Political Science
First Appearance: BLUE DEVIL No. 8


If we can learn one thing from the story of Dr. Neemish and his compatriots, it is that too much education is never a good thing. Or maybe that's just the spin I'm putting on it. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say, don't believe every theory people tell you just because it seems logical.

Dr. Neemish was a professor of Political Science at Santa Veronica College in California where he generated a lot of lame-brained concepts about the economic history and future of the state. Tell me if you believe this one. According to Dr. Neemish, "socioeconomic studies have consistently demonstrated the regrettable fact that the rest of this nation has been holding the state of California down!" So Neemish and his two collegues set about a plan that would allow California to rise above the rest of the country--literally! They aimed to invent an antigravity device so powerful that it would actually separate California from the mainland, permitting it to "become the greatest cultural and economic entity in the world!" Whatever.

But these men had Ph.D.'s in history, economics and political science. What they didn't know about anti-gravity units was astounding and so they called upon the services of the Trickster, who specialized in exactly that sort of thing. But after throwing them a few initial ideas, Tricky skipped town with their money and without ever actually providing them a prototype. The professors became irate and contracted the services of a particularly ruthless assassin named Bolt, who, in addition to eliminating a couple of potential troublemakers at the college, also set about the task of retrieving the Trickster's anti-gravity slippers. Neemish also hired a bunch of goons and skyriders through the Monitor but they didn't actually work for the organization.

Though he probably could have kept running for a while, Tricky thought it would be better to get in touch with his old stuntman pal Dan Cassidy. Despite Cassidy's aid, however, Bolt still managed to get his hands on one of the shoes which he brought back to his employers at their headquarters, conveniently named "The Place." But Cassidy and Jesse put together a tracking device which homed in on the unique energies of the stolen shoe and so used that to find Professor Neemish and his cronies.

Upon arriving, they discovered that the men had built a giant shoe which they thought would be capable of lifting the state. Neither Blue Devil nor the Trickster wanted that but after a little tussle with Bolt, it was revealed that Doctor Neemish and his two friends were, in fact, the only members of their, "super secret criminal organization." Bolt freaked out because Neemish had led him to believe he was part of some grand criminal outfit that would make him rich, I suppose. Of course, Neemish was more interested in proving his theories than making money. Uh oh.

Bolt went on a rampage. But Neemish thought he could salvage what they already had and so activated the giant shoe which would levitate the Santa Veronica Peninsula and everything in it. Bolt got a little air sick and teleported to who-knows-where while BD, Trickster, Sharon, and the Professors continued to rise. As they did so, however, the Santa Veronica Penisula sunk back down to earth as Trickster's shoes were only meant to provide a great deal of initial lift rather than sustain a heavy mass for a long period of time. Still, the shoe could, concievable raise itself and a few small objects out of the Earth's gravitational field. If that doesn't sound like trouble to you, it should. The Professors had only copied the ascension shoe and so had no way to halt or reverse their trajectory.

Neemish and his friends did the only thing they could do and begged to be saved. After everyone climbed into Sharon's rental car, Blue Devil used his trident's rocket capabilities to land it.

Neemish, presumably, went to jail.

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