Real Name: Buck LeSabre
Profession: Used car salesman/auto rustler
Powers: None to speak of, but he has a really mean looking car that can swallow up other cars whole
Relatives: Wayne Tarrant (nephew)
Ralphie (nephew)
First Appearance: BLUE DEVIL No. 21


An old-time studio stunt driver who worked for Verner Brothers studios under Max Verner. While working for the studio, LeSabre's work rebuilding vehicles for stunt purposes led to lucrative patents off of which the Verners grew their immense wealth, while all LeSabre had to show for it was a permanent limp resulting from injuries suffered while performing stunts.

Afterwards he ventured into the used automobile business but was unable to make a profit and almost ran his business into the ground, burrying himself beneath a mountain of debt. In desperation, he pinched a mint condition 1951 Studebaker and resold it to a nouveau riche Hollywood type, thus beginning his life of crime. With the ball rolling, LeSabre couldn't stop himself. He was an adrenaline junky, and grand theft auto was the only thing that got his fluids pumping like in the old stunt driving days. Within time his addiction was all-consuming and Buck LeSabre became something like a one-man crimewave. He swapped his ten-gallon hat for an aviator cap, then designed and built a "snatcher van" to strike fear in the hearts of motorists, and to augment his own infamous legend. The snatcher van was a four-axle tank-like vehicle with a fanged grin that could open wide and engulf a moving vehicle. No car could escape--Roadmaster's ride was capable of uncanny speeds.

During a severe slump in the career of LeSabre's nephew, Wayne Tarrant, LeSabre took him on as a television spokesperson for Buck LeSabre's Classic Car Round-up. During this time, Sharon Scott came to the lot looking to replace her pink 1959 Cadillac Eldorado, which had been stolen the night before. Unintentionally Wayne discovered that very car on the lot, having been recently painted over in blue. LeSabre, realizing that he had been caught red-handed by his nephew, locked Wayne in a closet until he figured out it would be in his best interest to join LeSabre in his life of crime. Luckily, however, the Blue Devil and Sharon freed Wayne before his uncle could return to further convince him or, if necessary, do the dirty. The three tracked the auto rustler down and, with derring-do, outmaneuvered his snatcher van in their Devilmobile until finally disabling LeSabre's escape car with a magnetic antigravity disk of Trickster's design. Thus ended the criminal career of the Roadmaster.

Regarding the demonstrated features of the snatcher van, they are as follows: radar; side-mounted missiles; and detachable flying escape pod.


Buck LeSabre: How do I sell 'em so cheap, pardners? It's my low, low overhead!

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