Shockwave - Head Shot
Real Name: Unknown
Powers: Super strength (don't ask me to qualify this--he's roughly as strong as the Blue Devil, though he can take a lot more abuse); invulnerability to electrical shocks (is this even a power?); ability to generate immensely destructive tremors through physical contact with a surface
Base of operations: Metropolis
First Appearance: [BLUE DEVIL No. 2]


As the cover of [BLUE DEVIL No. 2] says:

"Shockwave! He likes to break things!"

So what's the story with this guy? Why is he so grumpy all the time? Why is he so awful at color coordinating? Darned if I know! But I can tell you this: Shockwave is one bad mutha!

The first we saw of him in "Blue Devil", he had just stolen a canister of super-kryptonite from the good doctors and researchers at [S.T.A.R. Labs]. Guess whose responsibility it was to recover the canister. Superman? No! Whatever gave you that idea? This is the [Blue Devil's] comic, stupid!

This little matchup came right after the accident which sealed Dan Cassidy inside the Blue Devil suit and at the time, he wasn't really up to fighting anyone, let alone some crazed supervillain as tough as Shockwave. But regardless, thanks to a little hurt pride at the destruction of his brownstone and to the formidable threat the villain would pose to the Man of Steel, the Blue Devil came to the rescue and pounded Shockwave into the ground. But Shockwave ultimately proved too difficult to actually defeat and so during mid-beam from a flying saucer of some sort, Blue Devil snatched the canister from an otherwise immobilized Shockwave. Shockwave was humiliated, defeated, and ridiculed by his employer, [Metallo], who had supposedly done a lot for the villain. I don't know what that means exactly but I assume he somehow played a part in the bestoying of superpowers upon he who would become Shockwave.

After all, this particular villain's ability to create a shockwave through the stomping of his giant metallic foot was in fact a mechanical ability. That is to say, it was not an innate talent. The shockwave emanated from a device fastened to his armor. This device had different levels of destructive power and it was through the usage of said device that Cassidy figured out how to beat Shockwave in their first encounter. My interpretation of Shockwave's powers, and I could be completely wrong about this, is that they were all created mechanically. Personally, I do not know if he was some kind of cyborg, as Metallo was, or simply a man in a suit of armor. But as far as I can tell, the strength, invulnerability and so forth, come from the costume, much as Dan's, himself.

Metallo set out to accomplish the task of stealing the super-kryptonite for himself as chronicled in [BLUE DEVIL No. 3]. His subsequent defeat left Shockwave without a form of employment and he just kind of...sat around for months stewing about how much he wanted to get back at the Blue Devil. With the return of [Smitty and Rojek], he though he saw his chance to do so--just as Smitty and Rojek thought they saw theirs.

Just punishment for rooting against the Metropolis Meteors

Finding out about the premier of [Blue Devil], Shockwave hopped on the next flying saucer to Hollywood where he crashed it--literally! Tearing through the movie screen and then through the building, he and Dan had a nice little tussle which actually seemed rather one sided in the favor of the new and improved Shockwave. But the tables turned when Dan's trident suddenly entered the fray (yeah, you heard me right!) and all those nifty little gimicks and "glorified fireworks" kept the menace of Shockwave at bay for a good while. Eventually, though, the villain charged at a glowing Blue Devil and was repelled with incredible force a good mile or so. He was beaten. And Dan was posessed. (And you thought that stuff only happened in Max von Sydow films.)

Anyway, that about ended Shockwave's career (at least as far as the Blue Devil series went).

Too my knowledge, Shockwave languished in career obscurity for a long time, though years later he turned up, again in Metropolis, as a solo operator, having hatched a scheme to rob the gold reserve from sewer level (I think he had just watched Die Hard With a Vengeance). Shockwave was sporting a new color scheme but was otherwise the same.

This was early in the year immediately following the most recent Crisis, during which time Superman was out of commission and Booster Gold had appointed himself Metropolis's protector-in-chief, using historical knowledge contained within the databanks of his mechanical partner, Skeets, to get the jump on the big city's collection of dim-witted criminals. Booster Gold defeated Shockwave in short order, though admitted that he was tougher than he looks.

Presumably, Shockwave is back to rotting in some super-slammer.

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