Smitty and Rojek

Smitty and Rojek a.k.a. Spit and Polish - Head Shot
Full Names: Henry P. Smithers and Rojek [first name never revealed]
A.K.A: Spit and Polish; The Metal Marauders
First Appearance: BLUE DEVIL No. 3


These guys are the Abbott and Costello of the DC criminal circuit. Or maybe they're the Laurel and Hardy? Or the Martin and Lewis? Whatever. No matter how you look at it, they're comical bunglers 'till the very end. And for some reason, no matter where in the country they find themselves, be it Metropolis, Las Vegas, Hollywood, etc., they always manage to run into the Blue Devil. What are the chances of that, I ask you? They're astronomical! Maybe it has something to do with the weirdness magnet theory. Though, truthfully, these two are really more annoying than weird.

Anyway, our buddy Cassidy, a.k.a. the Blue Devil, first ran into these two as henchmen to the criminal mastermind--though honestly, he seemed pretty inept to me--known as Metallo, the man with the Kryptonite heart, of course. Why did a criminal mastermind of Metallo's calibre hire two such bumbling incompetents for his underlings? Well, you can figure that one out. As I said, inept, right?

Anyway, when Metallo's scheme to kill Superman with the aid of his super-kryptonite powered body fell apart, Smitty and Rojek were left sort of floundering around for a while until about the time of the premier of "Blue Devil."

Returning to Metallo's headquarters in order to make off with some merchandise they could fence, they ran into Shockwave who had been sitting around waiting for the boss's return. Though now that Smitty and Rojek were back, he had someone with whom he could plan his evil schemes, first and foremost of which was the public embarrassment of the Blue Devil. Smitty and Rojek weren't about to stand in his way, so they accompanied the villain to Hollywood where they caused a very nice commotion at the "Blue Devil" premier and also made Dan Cassidy very angry. They nailed him with a few good shots, actually, but when they saw their chance (after the theater collapsed), they were all about escaping. Fortunately for us, a chauffeur by the name of Van knocked them out but good. After regaining consciousness, they tried to escape again in their flying saucer but a possessed Dan Cassidy destroyed the ship bringing it back down to earth. Smitty and Rojek spent some time in jail.

They broke out about a month later only to be apprechended by the Vanquisher of all people.

More to come...


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