Jack Edison

Profession: Stunt driver/car designer

The following is taken from the letters page of BLUE DEVIL No. 25.

Before we get down to cases, I'd like to announce the results of our "Jack Edison" contest. We're a little shy of 15,000 responses at this writing (November 26), but the alacrity and number of responses has impressed smart-alecky Dan Mishkin indeed. The first five readers to identify Jack Edison as the guy who built the current Batmobile and who appeared in THE UNTOLD TALES OF THE BATMAN #3(1980) and WHO'S WHO #2 (1985)are....

You get the point. Dan Mishkin didn't think anyone would know where Edison had appeared prior to his cameo in BLUE DEVIL No. 21. If 15,000 people or more wrote in proving him wrong, he would have issued a formal apology. The winners won a copy of the plot to BLUE DEVIL No. 25.

Oh...by the way, Jack Edison was one of three men who designed the Devilmobile. In case you're curious, Jack Edison doesn't actually have an entry or anything in WHO'S WHO No. 2, he is only mentioned on the "Batman Equipment" page as "world-famous stunt driver Jack Edison, who owes his life to Batman". BLUE DEVIL No. 21 would be his only appearance in the series (and possibly his last appearance anywhere?), but I've got to figure he and the Blue Devil chilled together every now and then. It's a cozy little community of stuntmen in DC's Hollywood. Besides, who else would know how to fix the Devilmobile if anything broke down?

I was actually contacted by one of the winners of this contest, T.K. Davis; a big Blue Devil fan and clearly a very knowledgable person about DC continuity.

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