Jock Verner

Jock Verner - Head Shot
Profession: Producer/President of Verner Brothers Pictures
Relatives: Max Verner (father)
Harvey Verner (brother)
First Appearance: BLUE DEVIL No. 2


I debated putting Jock Verner in the "Rogues" section of my web page because he truly is an unbearable scoundrel, but I figured for the sake of consistency, I would put the entire Blue Devil supporting cast in the "Friends" section. But don't let that fool you. This guy is as big an enemy of the Blue Devil as Shockwave ever was.

Jock is a real pain in the butt business man who could care less about the product his company turns out as long as it's making money. A tremendous fool and an even bigger barrier to the happiness of everyone's favorite stuntman/special effects master, Dan Cassidy, who seems to take the brunt of Jock's ire and jealousy more often than not. As early as the second issue of Blue Devil, Verner was filing injunctions against Dan for wearing the Blue Devil suit in public and spoiling a carefully planned publicity campaign. He strong-armed Marla into contracting the legal services of Fischman, Ullman & Ross who served BD a cease-and-desist order. Imagine that! Though I almost forgive him because at that point, they had not revealed to the general public, nor had they revealed to Jock, that Dan had become stuck inside the costume. But still...a real hard ass, huh?

I mean, it isn't as though Jock Verner isn't somewhat pitiable. After all, he takes a lot of abuse from the people who work for him and retains about as much self-respect as someone who has just spewed milk from his nostrils, but you simply can't abide the way he treats other people and I almost have to say that he deserves whatever he gets. When his casino gets wrecked in Blue Devil No.6, I don't feel particularly sorry for him, do you?

Verner's biggest beef with the crew of "Blue Devil" was the fact that they always seemed to hold the idea of "their super-hero" over his head, though, of course, they didn't. He felt as though they would use Cassidy to intimidate and humiliate him. Verner's inferiority complex kicked into overdrive sending him off the deep end in terms of what he did to get back at Marla and her friends.

More on that, later...

A bit later on in the series, Verner ran into some financial troubles and he had to sell Verner Brothers Pictures to the Barfo (Dogfood) Corporation which changed its name to Verner Communications under president Herbert H. Harmon. I'm not sure exactly what Jock's position in this new company was, though. I'll have to look back for that when I get a chance.

You know, Verner wasn't such a bad guy, I guess. Underneath the facade he erected for his role as the big important boss, he was just as fragile and unsure of himself as anyone. The reason he came off as such a dictator rests in his mechanism for coping with self-doubt which involved overdeveloping his ego and acquiring delusions of grandeur. He pushed himself away from the rest of the world so that he couldn't be hurt by it, but in isolating himself emotionally, he necessarily made himself even more miserable.

Just my take.


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