Jorj & Lehni

Jorj and Lehni - Full Shot
Profession: Bouncers/Adventurers
Home planet: Maldor
First Appearance: BLUE DEVIL No. 6


Jorj and Lehni are aliens from a distant planet by the name of Maldor. Don't ask me how distant Maldor is 'cause I just don't know--though it is close enough to receive Earth televion signals so that's gotta be pretty darn close actually. Fleeing capture by the police force of their native planet, the two somehow stumbled into a science lab where leaders of their scientific community were holding a demonstration for a new invention called the Microbeam Projector. The Microbeam Projector, we learn, is a teleportation device whereby the object or objects to be teleported are reduced to energy imprints in the microwave matrix and are beamed, as it were, to a receiver placed anywhere in the galaxy. Don't you just love comic book science? Well, Jorj and Lehni caused a commotion which knocked one of the scientists into the beaming lever and awayyyyyy they go! Only problem was, the scientists had neglected to set up receivers in space and so the two misfits found themselves drawn to Earth where a short-order chef was heating up an apple pie for Dan Cassidy. Jorj and Lehni emerged from the microwave, thought BD was a cop, and high tailed it for Las Vegas. Phew! And that's just the beginning!

Maldorian police officers followed the two through the Microbeam Projector intent on capturing the "malefactors." They popped out of the microwave one-by-one until six of them were on Earth and headed for the casinos. Jorj and Lehni made scrap metal out of four of them. Blue Devil, hot on their tails, took out the other two. Much to everyone's chagrin, however, the robot police officers reformed themselves into bigger, more powerful menaces with each trouncing.

The whole group (i.e. Jorj, Lehni, Blue Devil, Norm, and the robot Maldorian police force) decided to crash an invitation only party at one of Jock Verner's casinos, The Silver Nugget. In time, Blue Devil discovered the the reason that the cops were after Jorj and Lehni, everyone brawled, and much havoc and destruction were wreaked eventually culminating in the three protagonists stashing the Maldorian cops in the nearest available microwave oven and zapping them back to Maldor. Of course, Dan tried to stuff Jorj and Lehni in as well, but they proved too big to make that feasible. As Dan said, "You can't blame a feller for trying."

The casino got majorly wrecked during the battle, so Blue Devil, knowing it was a Verner establishment, got them jobs as bouncers. The cast and crew of Blue Devil showed up, there was a lovely little reunion between Sharon and Dan, and everyone was happy...for now.

End of Act One. All of this action took place in BLUE DEVIL No. 6.

In case you were wondering why the police were after Jorj and Lehni, it was because Lehni had made a pass at the Colonial Governor's girlfriend--a Hartoonian Rock Sow (insert appropriate wolf calls here)--and then broke all three of the governor's legs. It seems a bit excessive, but...what do I know? Jorj, I suppose, was an accomplice having helped Lehni escape in fulfillment of a promise he made to his compatriots's mother on her death bed to always take care of the little guy.

More to come...


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