Green Lantern

John Stewart, Green Lantern - Full Shot
Real Name: John Stewart
Profession: Architect/Super-hero
Marital Status: Widower
Relatives Katma Tui (wife) - deceased
First Appearance: GREEN LANTERN (vol. 2) No. 87


I'm not going to go in depth on this particular Lantern's history. There are about a million sites out there that have already done so a lot better than I ever could. Just check out my "Links" section if you don't believe me. For our purposes, it is only important to know that John Stewart became the official Corps guardian of Space Sector 2814 during the period of Hal Jordan's resignation, to wit, the time during which BLUE DEVIL was being published by DC.

Since both Stewart and Blue Devil lived in Los Angeles, they occasionally bumped into each other, most notably during the incident in which Dan got possessed by an evil spirit and started destroying the city. (See BLUE DEVIL No. 13) During that battle, Green Lantern didn't really stand much of a chance. To start things off, the possessed Blue Devil set fire to the nearest building using yellow flames. That created something of a pickle for John Stewart, whose ring was, of course, ineffective against the color yellow. But a little thing like that can't keep a Green Lantern down. He used the ring to drill for the nearest water main with which he created a giant sprinkler of sorts and doused the fire.

Meaning to put an end to the fight quickly, Green Lantern made a charge for the Blue Devil who simply tossed his trident in the air. The trident circled so quickly around Stewart that it actually sped up time within the funnel it created. That didn't bode well for GL. His power ring could only sustain a 24 hour charge, as we all know, and so when finally released, he had to resign himself to the role of a sidelines guardian until someone else arrived who could handle the possessed Blue Devil.

The only other time Stewart showed up in the pages of BLUE DEVIL was when asked by the Monitor to recruit Cassidy for their cause during the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS.

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