Norm Paxton

Norm Paxton - Head Shot
Profession: Director of Photography
Marital Status: Married
Relatives: Olivia Paxton (wife)
Yolanda Paxton (daughter)
First Appearance: FURY OF FIRESTORM No. 24


Norm is the dedicated cameraman of the Blue Devil series. Most of the time we see him he's on the other end of a Panaflex so needless to say, we don't see him all that much. Norm filmed the Blue Devil movie for Verner Communications and Marla Bloom Associates. He's a superb location shooter and therefore finds a good deal of work with Marla who does a lot of location films. Of course this means that he has to often put his life in jeopardy as he did on the set of "Blue Devil," but although he whines and complains a lot, he's always happy to have played a part in the creation of a film. Here we see him reacting to something crazy Marla had asked him to do. She was sending him back to Ile Du Diable--Nebiros' island--in one hour.

I pretty much made all of that up but it's how I read the character. If there was one flaw in the series, I would probably say it has to do with Norm Paxton. It isn't that I think he is a bad character, just a poorly explored one. After the first four or so issues we kind of lose track of him having never found out exactly what makes him tick. And I find that a shame because the character, himself, had a lot of very interesting traits which could have used developing. Norm pretty much played the role of the unfortunate receptacle for the effects of Dan's weirdness magnet . With all due respect to Gary Cohn and Dan Mishkin--who are, in my opinion, excellent writers--they probably could have done more for him. But this is all not to say that Norm did not have his fair share of adventures during the series.

More to come...

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