Zatanna Zatara

Zatanna Zatara - Full Body
Profession: Magician/Super-hero
Group Affiliation: Justice League of America
Powers: can mystically control the four natural elements--earth, wind, fire and water
Relatives: John Zatara (father, deceased)
Sindella (mother, deceased)
First Appearance: HAWKMAN No. 4


Zatanna is the self-confident elemental magician of the Justice League of America. She's also a pretty fair looker and seemed to get Dan Cassidy's attention when they first met.

After the battle with Metallo, Superman took the Blue Devil for a little tour of the Justice League Satellite where he introduced him to Zatanna. Superman, knowing close to nothing about magic, figured that if anyone could figure out a way to free Dan of the devil suit, Zatanna could. When she tried using her powers over the elements, however, Dan proclaimed that she was tearing him apart. Of course that wouldn't work because the costume had become organic. That made everything a heckuvalot more difficult.

After conferring with a book called the "Demonography," Zatanna decided that the only way to undo what had been done, was to get the doer of the done deed to undo it. That is to say, Cassidy would have to ask Nebiros to reverse the spell he had placed on the man -- a plan destined for failure. Well, regardless, they went ahead with it. Returning to Ile Du Diable, they reopened the portal and Dan was on his way. According to Zatanna, if he asked nice enough, Nebiros would kindly do whatever they wished. But Dan freaked when he found out Nebiros had stolen the Blue Devil trident and was using it to make himself even more powerful so Nebiros bolted for the exit. Zatanna and Dan had unleashed the menace upon the world once again. You can read all about this in the Nebiros section.

To make a long story short, while the Blue Devil was beating the heck out of Nebiros in Mexico, Zatanna was doing her damndest to control the demon horde and protect the failing Mexican army. Eventually she used residual traces of the portal Nebiros had created to bring his fellow demons to our dimension and opened up a vortex which would suck tall, dark and scaly back to his own hellish dimension. The day was won and Zatanna planted a big fat one on Dan's lips.

The Blue Devil met Zatanna before his relationship with Sharon had really blossomed into anything worth mentioning and as a result, he was hitting on the mage a lot. Wouldn't you? I actually enjoyed their little exchanges quite a bit. Check out this come on line.

"Y'know, there aren't many women who could get away with wearing a bug on their head...but on you it looks terrific!"

There's one you don't hear everyday. For the most part, Zatanna was very receptive to Dan's devilish (get it?) charm. It almost makes one wonder what would have happened had Sharon been out of the picture longer or if the Blue Devil had joined the JLA. I sound like a real fanboy here but seeing Zatanna and Dan get together was always on my secret wish list, as it were. Just in case you were wondering, Dan did keep Zatanna's number handy at all times. He claimed to have it as a way to contact the JLA, but you and I know the truth, ~wink~ don't we?

More to come...(possibly)


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