"Fish Out of Water"

Writers/Co-Creators: Gary Cohn & Dan Mishkin
Penciller: Alan Kupperberg
Inker: Mark Farmer
Editor: Alan Gold


S.T.A.R. Labs gets in touch with Danny to help them out on a little project. They have these genetically engineered micro organisms which are supposed to absorb water. Thus, when sprinkled in rain clouds, they should prevent a major storm that has been brewing. So, they send Dan up hang gliding on a kite which gets struck by lightning and Cassidy takes a plunge into the ocean. Didn't you just figure something like that would happen?

Meanwhile...the rest of the supporting cast is at a Malibu beach party being hosted by a talented Hollywood agent by the name of Gutterman. During that party, the Fisherman decides to show up and rob the gathered Hollywood elite. Good plan, huh? Only, he didn't take into account the idea that the Blue Devil would be floating ashore at any moment, having been kept alive by minigills built into his suit.

The Fisherman puts up a good fight, but Dan puts up a better one, though not before S.T.A.R.'s microbes come pouring from the sky, absorbing all the water they possibly can. Eventually, however, Gopher figures out that the organisms fizzle upon contact with salt water and so another catastrophe is narrowly averted.

Just when it seems Blue Devil can get a little rest in, Green Lantern shows up and brings him into outer space.


John Stewart's arrival at the end marks the beginning of a CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS cross-over. Dan would sort of briefly stumble through the maxi-series, his appearances there not significant enough to make it worthwhile to do synopses here.

I have always enjoyed S.T.A.R.'s reoccurring role within this series and the way Dan is sort of a stand-by operative. I wouldn't have minded seeing more of this, actually, as I think it could have made for an interesting, more formal, relationship. I'm not sure that Dan would be willing to volunteer his time on a regular basis, but perhaps if he thought it would provide S.T.A.R. with more data needed in their task to get him out of the devil costume.

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