Blue Devil (1985)

Blue Devil: The Movie

Directed by
Marla Bloom

Writing credits
Gary Cohn (screenplay) &
Dan Mishkin (screenplay) ...


Genre: Action / Sci-Fi / Romance / Drama / Fantasy

Tagline: Humanity's salvation is a devil. (more)

Plot Outline: Scientists visit a lost island with the purpose of capturing an ancient demon known as the Blue Devil. But when another, more powerful and evil demon is set loose upon the modern world, the Blue Devil must save those who would have seen him captured. The fate of the world hangs in the balance and only one can do anything about it. (more) (trailer)

User Comments: The original shooting script for BLUE DEVIL was actually completely rewritten (more)

User Rating: * * * * * * * * _ _  7.8/10 (50,984 votes) Vote Here top 250: #245

Cast: (in credits order)
Daniel Cassidy
Sharon Scott
Wayne Tarrant

....Blue Devil
....Ile Du Diable expedition party member
....Ile Du Diable guide

Directed By
Marla Bloom

Writing Credits
Marla Bloom (story)

Gary Cohn (screenplay) &
Dan Mishkin (screenplay)

Produced by
Marla Bloom (producer)
Jock Verner (producer)

Cinematography by
Norman Paxton

Special Effects by
Daniel Cassidy ....special effects

Production Companies

  • Marla Bloom Associates
  • Verner Brothers Pictures [us]

Also Known As
Blue Devil: The Movie (1985)
Runtime: 119 min / USA:136 min (director's cut)
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color (Technicolor)
Sound Mix: 70 mm 6-Track (70 mm prints) / Dolby SR (35 mm prints)
Certification: Argentina:Atp / Australia:PG / Canada:G / Finland:K-11 (DVD rating) / Finland:K-12/9 (original rating) / France:U / Norway:10 (1988) / Norway:11 / UK:PG / USA:PG / West Germany:12

User Comments:

lewisville, tx

Date: 30 April 2004
Summary: Historically Significant

The original shooting script for BLUE DEVIL was actually completely rewritten towards the beginning of production. The original script called for Blue Devil to be an evil, destructive monster who would wreak havoc on the civilized world once enraged by corrupt American business men, no doubt, who probably would have put him in a zoo. Only the screenwriter knows exactly how it was supposed to play out.
Circumstances, however, allowed the Blue Devil to play the part of the film's hero. By circumstances, we of course refer to the accidental release of a real demon on the set. Luckily, they kept those cameras rollin'. The footage was so perfect that the film's producer/director, Marla Bloom, had a script written to fit the battle sequence between the Blue Devil and this other demon. The cinematographer was later sent back to capture extra footage which would be used to set the scene and wound up getting an entirely new fight on film between the same two characters. That footage was also edited into the final version of the film, which went on to win the Academy Award for special effects.
And the rest is history...

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