Marla's House

Marla Bloom's house in Hollywood Hills
Owner: Marla Bloom
Location: Hollywood Hills
First Appearance: BLUE DEVIL No. 7


Why am I devoting a page to Marla Bloom's house? Well, you see, after the destruction of his Metropolis brown stone in Blue Devil No.2, Dan was homeless in every sense of the word. I suppose he could have afforded to lease an apartment somewhere, but why should he have to when he had good friends like Marla to fall back on? Don't think he was taking advantage, either. It was her suggestion. Anyway, Marla's pad served as Dan's place of residence until later in the series when he finally purchased a nice beach house in Malibu.

Aside from Dan and Marla, Gopher also resided here and it is my assumption that sharing living quarters was probably part of the reason Gopher became so attached to Blue Devil and thus began emulating him in the guise of his "sidekick," the Kid Devil. Though we don't often see the house during the series, Dan actually lived there for quite some time. What happened during that time is entirely a matter of speculation. I've got my pet theories, how 'bout you?

At one point, Marla had as many as six people, aside from herself, staying in her mansion. Those people were her brother, her sister-in-law, Wayne Tarrant and his "inflatable playmate," Dan Cassidy, and of course, Gopher. Things were a little tight but most of those people were out by the end of the next issue.


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