S.T.A.R. Labs

S.T.A.R. Labs
Full Name: Scientific and Technological Advanced Research Labs
Director: Dr. Jenet Klyburn (Metropolis and New York branches)
Headquarters: Metropolis


As far as the Blue Devil universe is concerned, S.T.A.R. Labs serves a pretty broad function. But for the most part, its role in the life of Dan Cassidy involves working to figure out how to get the stuntman out of his Blue Devil suit. And in return, Dan does certain...unusual favors for them at times.

S.T.A.R. Labs and Dr. Jenet Klyburn first showed up in BLUE DEVIL No. 2 when a violent criminal by the name of Shockwave arrived on the scene and stole from the Labs a canister of super-kryptonite they had been developing (for very suspicious reasons). Blue Devil, not really wanting to concern himself with an extended fight--after all, he had no desire to be a super hero--was content to simply knock the villain into the next zip code, which he did. But Jenet Klyburn pleaded with him to continue so that they might recover what Shockwave had stolen. Although he didn't relish the idea, Cassidy desired even less that the super-kryptonite be used to enfeeble Superman, whom everyone and his uncle looks up to, including Cassidy.

Learning to live like this...

Well, Cassidy stopped Shockwave and recovered the kryptonite, but he used this favor as a means by which he could convince S.T.A.R. Labs to look into his particular problem. Unfortunately, the scientists at S.T.A.R. could see no way of getting the man out of the costume. Even at that, it might take years just to analyze all the data they were getting. Cassidy seemed pretty well stuck no matter what the eventual outcome and decided he should start getting used to life as a Blue Devil in what was really a rather emotional scene. I'd tell you about how it choked me up and brought a tear to my eye, but that would be a lie--though it certainly was a sad scene.

After the seige by Metallo and the subsequent outcome of that little incident, S.T.A.R. Labs would show up from time to time in the title in various capacities. They never again, however, made any mention of getting Dan out of his costume nor were we to assume they would ever find a way to do so.

Other S.T.A.R. appearances include Blue Devil No.17 in which Dr. Klyburn contacted Dan Cassidy to help them out on a little project they were running. During the madness of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, as some of you may know, the weather was going a bit crazy itself. S.T.A.R. was trying to prevent a major storm over L.A. through the use of microbes they had genetically engineered to absorb water from rain clouds. The only problem was, they needed someone to go up and release them over said rain clouds. Dan Cassidy being, as Dr. Klyburn told him, easily accessible (in that he has no secret identity), they gave him a call at Marla's house. To be sure, though, they also needed his technical expertise in order to build a replacement for a stuck valve on their flying contraption.

Anyway, Dan went up with the kite and soon after releasing the micro organisms, got struck by lightning, fell into the ocean, and eventually slipped into unconsciouness, kept alive only by minigills inside his Blue Devil suit. It was bad news, trust me. The only thing worse was that the micro organisms fell to the shore and began growing in proportion to the amount of water they absorbed, until they threatened to overrun the humans. S.T.A.R. had another organism which would counteract those water absorbing ones, but when Dan regained consciousness on the shore, he opted for Gopher's solution of frying them with salt water.

S.T.A.R. Labs made a brief almost cameo appearance in the St. Patrick's Day issue, BLUE DEVIL No. 25. One of the doctors working under Klyburn--her right-hand man, in fact--bargained with a terrorist organization of leprechauns to provide them a special kind of magical seed. The leprechauns intended to use this seed in order to reclaim for the faeries the whole of Ireland by turning it into an overgrown wilderness. This plan failed to bear fruit. The S.T.A.R. doctor, to our knowledge, retained the leprechaun gold for which he had bartered.

Doc Klyburn and crew would return in BLUE DEVIL No. 28 attempting to chase down an escaped alien guest. This alien had assumed a human shape that was vastly too dense and began sinking under the pressure of the Earth's gravity through the ground, creating a crater that threatened to swallow up the entire lab. To remedy this, Klyburn slapped a pair of boots on the creature which counteracted the effect of gravity upon him, at least to the extent that he could now move about like a normal person. Said creature, however, who was largely incapable of communicating in English, longed to be free, and when the mother ship arrived, he was able to merge with it by inflating himself like a balloon to become lighter than air. This was only accomplished through the meddling of the Blue Devil, who tampered with the boots' electric locks in order to remove them.

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